Sentence Pattern 15 – 25-03-2012

Hey guys, today I’m back with another sentence pattern. As with each sentence pattern, I’ll give a few examples of how the pattern can be used. Examples can possibly use casual or formal Japanese language.

Here is the sentence pattern for 25-March-2012: Verb (negative form) + ないで・ずに

Today’s pattern is one that provides us with a way to express non-performance of an action. ずに can be used in place of ないで while carrying the same meaning. For する verbs, ずに changes to せずに and not しずに. This allows to construct sentences that convey meanings including “without doing ~” or “don’t do ~ and…”.

Let’s look at how this pattern can possibly be used.

Possible ways of using this pattern

  1. 今日姉は公園に行かないで・行かずに家にいた -> “My sister did not go to the park and stayed home today.
  2. 日本語を勉強しないで・勉強せずに寝ました -> “I didn’t study Japanese and went to bed.”
  3. 彼女は電気を消さないで・消さずに部屋へ出た -> “She left the room without turning off the light.”

Vocabulary used

公園(こうえん) [noun] -> Park

勉強(べんきょう) [noun, する-verb] -> To study

部屋(へや) [noun] -> Room

電気(でんき) [noun] -> Light (electric)

消す(けす) [-verb] -> To turn off power

出る(でる) [-verb] -> To go out, To depart

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